Week 9 – COVID slowdown

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has hit us hard for week 9.  COVID protocols have caused disruptions in supply chains throughout the world.  We’ve been very fortunate that through the first 8 weeks, this hasn’t had any major impact on us (just a few minor headaches.  We’ve had to switch vendors or change products a couple of times, but we always found an acceptable substitute). This week was different though, and COVID hit us hard.  Most of our subcontractors were not able to come in and work at all this week. Our project superintendent still did what he could and built (and then re-built when I changed my mind about the height) the chases for us that will go above our cages.

Our awning company also removed the old awning so that they can get to work on a new one, and the stonework got finished on the front of the building.  You can see a bit of both of those in the picture below.

In other news, Dr. Turbyfill’s family has spent a lot of time this week adjusting to having a new member!  Dr. Turbyfill and his wife Holly welcomed their third child into the world, and are happy to report that mommy and baby girl are doing well.  Her two big brothers love her to death and want to hold her every chance they get!

As always, thanks so much for following along!

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