Week 7 – Ceiling Grid

We’ve wrapped up week 7, and it’s hard to believe that the construction is over half-way done now!  This week the crew from Sharp Interiors got all of the ceiling grid put up throughout the hospital.  SPC mechanical has been putting in the above-ceiling duct-work.  Pitt Electric has been working on both installing outlets and finishing the above-ceiling wiring.  And Jeff Haddock Plumbing tied our sewer lines in to the main sewer line, and got the plumbing set up for our utility area. We are extremely grateful to each of these crews for their hard work, and the role they play in building the place where we will love people by loving their pets!

Our superintendent has been keeping the job site spic and span.  A clean site is a safe site.  His work to keep it clean means fewer mistakes, and less risk of injury.

Installing an outlet can seem like a small task.  But these outlets will provide the electricity that drives the machines that help us diagnose disease, monitor your pets under anesthesia, and perform procedures safely.  Installing this outlet safely means we care for your pet safely, and more effectively.

There are no small jobs. “Small” or “trivial” jobs are just jobs that haven’t been connected to the greater mission, yet.

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